Applying Format [READ FIRST]

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Applying Format [READ FIRST]

Post by Synergy on Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:49 am

Hey Guys!
First of all, i would like to introduce Myself and My clan.
I am Synergy And I Am 17 Years Old. We are an old clan from the free2play. We were united in the name of SM (ShadowMere), our First clan Together. Created by Zedify. then SM was Broken due to personel problems and some of us Regrouped as TiTANs. then Ballistic Overkill came, and the free2play was going to shutdown, so we thought about a complete revamp of our Clan, Then we became DELTA.
As DELTA, we are vowed to be a Family, caring each other and helping each other, we have fun, have battle each other too! Smile
As DELTA Squad Member, You dont need to be Super Good in this Game, instead just find the bright side of the game and have Fun! After all, thats what a Game is all about!  Razz


1)You MUST Speak ENGLISH (no problem if u are not fluent but just something we can understand)
2)Dont Hack (Instant kick from the Clan as well as reported for violating the rules of the game)  pirat
3)Be Mature - means respect everyone, clanmember or friends or random players, Respect everyone.
4)Must have Atleast 50 hrs in ballistic Overkill. if not, You must have played Free2play for 1 month atleast.
5)Must have a Kills Deaths Ratio (KDR) of 1.00 or above with 10 matchs played.
6)Must play Ballistic Overkill atleast Once in 2 week.
7)Do NOT MULTI-CLAN. We are strictly aganist Multi clanning. Instant kick from the clan.


1)Real Name:
2)In-game Name:
4)What Is Your Experience On FPS Games:
5)Your Role in a Team (Sneaker, rusher, Support, Sniper, base Fragger, Fragger):
6)Have you played Free2play Ballistic:
7)Some infos fb/twitter to ascertain that you are who we speaking to:
8)Some Info about your gaming experience in Ballistic overkill:
9)Are you willing to host a Dedicated Server:
10) Your Steam profile link:

(There is a Clan Tag for DELTA and we will inform you after you are accepted)

Thank You and Good luck Fellas!

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